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Search engine optimization still remains an important element for marketing online because nearly three fourths of all links clicked in major search engines are organic. Even though organic links make up the majority of clicks by internet users, the search engine industry is estimated to be worth more than $16 million. A website development reseller firm focuses on a variety of areas that impact the success level of a website owner. A large part of internet marketing is outsourcing, which is why a website development reseller firm produces profitable outcomes.

In order to learn how to resell search engine optimization, aspiring resellers must meet a few requirements. First off, choosing the right website development reseller firm is only accomplished by understanding the techniques used online for gaining awareness and increasing conversion rates. Marketing services involve both web optimization and web design in order to drive traffic and increase conversion rates. A website development reseller firm focuses on using the right search engine optimization techniques to drive traffic to a website, while implementing web design techniques to convert visitors into customers.

Learning how to resell web design services is a process that requires the reseller to understand the importance of a well designed website. A website development reseller firm should focus on creating simple designs because flashy websites are known to scare visitors away. It only takes a few seconds for a first time visitor to decide whether or not it’s worth staying on a website. Learning how to resell seo is accomplished by understanding the importance of both onsite and offsite optimization strategies. Social media marketing is also important because 75 percent of all B2C companies prefer Facebook for social media campaigns.

A website development reseller firm offering search engine optimization services should offer services like PPC management, link building, and content creation. Furthermore, a website development reseller firm should perform market research, as well as keyword research. Choosing the right website development reseller firm is an important step if you want to become successful at outsourcing SEO. Not all firms are created equal and researching the background and the history of a website development reseller firm is highly recommended. Search advertisers experienced nearly a 50 percent increase in clicks in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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