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Running your own business means keeping track of a lot of moving parts. There’s one newer part that you might not have had to consider before the 2000s rolled around – your web page. While you could just have a simple one with your logo, a few blurbs, and photos, you’d be doing yourself a disservice. You can use this as a canvas to show off things — which is why we came up with these web page ideas:

Showcasing Products: Building an Engaging Product Gallery

There are times when people just need to see what you’re selling. They need the visual input to help them be able to tell if it will fit what they need. One of the web page ideas, a product gallery, could be perfect for this. They will be able to scroll through and look at the dimensions and colors of each one, along with some product descriptions.

Your business could have golf carts for sale, for example. You could put up a gallery of all the carts that you have for sale and demonstrate that they have far more variety than one might think. They can come in various styles and colors while also offering additional storage space in some models. This can help make it easy for potential customers to make a decision.

Highlighting Services: Detailing What You Offer

You can write paragraph after paragraph explaining what it is that you’re selling, but, even the most descriptive writers can have trouble reaching their intended audience after a while. There will be times when their eyes may just glaze over. Instead, one of the better web page ideas is to just create a photo gallery of recent work along with details. That’s a better way of showing potential customers what you can do.

Let’s say that you own a hair salon. Instead of writing lengthy descriptions of the hairstyles you can create, you can have a photo gallery that features the most recent work you’ve done. That way, they’ll have a good visual idea of your abilities and how you can make their hair look its best. Be sure to include a variety of styles so that you can show how diverse you are. This will help you get new clients.

Introducing Your Team: Profiles That Build Trust

You want to highlight more than just your own business — you want to show off the team that helps make it happen. If you own a dog training school, you want the public to know that you have dog lovers working for you. One of the better web page ideas might be to dedicate one page of your site to telling the stories of those who are going to be working with the dogs to help them learn the proper behavior.

This could be done a couple of ways. You could have photos of each of the workers and have them write a blurb that’s around 100 words or so that lets them explain how they came to love working with dogs, their favorite breeds, and their previous experiences in the field. The second way could be to put up short videos of them talking about the same things as the first, but it would be a great way to humanize them and show them as more than just employees.

Sharing Customer Testimonials: Leveraging Social Proof

When people are looking for certain businesses, they want to hear from people who have hired them in the past and have had fantastic results. If there are a lot of satisfied customers, then they reason that they will also get the same level of service. Here’s another one of the web page ideas that can use people’s voices to get the message out. This time, though, it’s from those who buy, not those who provide.

The owner of a catering company could do this, for example. They could do this in a number of ways. There are a lot of review sites, like Yelp! and Google, where customers can leave their thoughts, and you could mine certain ones to put on your site. You could also have them do video testimonials at certain events.

Publishing Blog Content: Establishing Industry Authority

There are some fields where having a web page with content that’s written by someone who works in that industry can help boost the search results. Google and other search engines want to point people to the right places. By having blogs that have been approved by that industry expert, you can get more eyes on your business page and hopefully get more customers, clients, or patients.

Let’s use someone who is a local pediatric dentist as an example of how these web page ideas can help. Parents want to learn about how to take care of their children’s teeth, and blog content that’s been written by a pediatric dentist will carry a lot more weight than a blog writer who just researches the topic. The pediatric dentist has education and experience in this field, which lends credibility to what they are writing about.

Featuring Case Studies: Demonstrating Your Expertise

There are times when it can help to have things that go more in-depth about what is being sold. They can make it easier to understand how things can vary and how they can be affected by things like temperature and humidity, among other things. They can demonstrate how well something works in these situations.

While you might not think of concrete as being too complex of a subject — you just have someone pour it, level it, and wait for it to harden, right? There are different types of concrete, though. Concrete companies can provide case studies on how a certain type works in the environment that your state provides. It can help you make the right decision. One of the web page ideas would be to have a page that links to these case studies for easy reference.

Providing FAQs: Addressing Common Customer Queries

While it’s good to have a very informative website, it can be hard to think about everything on your first pass. That’s why it’s smart to also have a section that answers a lot of questions that your customers may ask when they are using a service or buying a certain product. It can help prevent repeating a lot of answers, and let people do what they do best —finding the right thing for them.

This is a good thing to have if you’re a home remodeling contractor. You can answer a lot of questions that they might have, including basic pricing, whether your employees will do the work or if there are going to be subcontractors on the job, the materials you can work with, and your licensing situation. These are web page ideas that can make life easier for both you and your customers.

Using this FAQ can act as a springboard for you to be able to answer specific questions as opposed to generic ones. That way, you can save time and energy and focus on the necessary things, like pinpointing what a problem is and then solving it. It can also help you get to the important part, which is scheduling a job to renovate a home.

Offering Resources: Adding Value with Downloads

You want to make your business useful for customers. One of the other web page ideas involves your providing certain resources and downloads for your customers or clients. This way, you can be useful to them even when they aren’t using your services, and it will help them prepare for another visit. It doesn’t take long to scan certain brochures and make them into an easily downloadable PDF or other document. This way, you can save on printing costs and let them read the documents on their tablets or laptops.

These downloads can be useful both before and after any visit. If your business is centered around pest control services, then you can provide downloads that include ways to clean your home to avoid inviting these pests to visit again once the pest control technician has left. The resources can also inform those customers about dangerous pests to be on the lookout for if they’re in an area where certain poisonous species live. This will be a big help, and they can refer to them time and time again.

Creating Contact Pages: Simplifying User Interaction

You want to use these particular types of web page ideas to be able to create an easy way to be able to interact with your customers or clients. It can also help streamline the workflow so that you’ll be able to know what you’re going to be encountering when they bring their item in to be fixed. Best of all, technology will let you add to any database so that that unusual situation that first arises can become routine if it happens again. All it takes is a link to ‘Contact us.’

Your contact page could be that place to make it easy to interact. Let’s use an auto body shop as an example. You could use a database of common situations and potential repairs along with a lot of the most-used vehicles. Your customers can fill in the information that they know about their current situation with their vehicle, including their contact info, and then your mechanics can get an early start on diagnosing what’s going on. That will make it a better experience for all involved.

Designing About Pages: Telling Your Business Story

There are times when people might wonder why a business came to be in the first place. What was it that made the owner feel the need to open it? There’s a story behind each business, and it should be told. This is one of those web page ideas that can make the company seem much more interesting than people might initially think. This can be all it takes is to turn what might seem mundane into something fascinating.

For example, when people see the sign for a glass company, it might not pique their curiosity. But if there’s a story behind it. Perhaps your great-grandfather started it, and it’s been family-owned for many years. Were there historical buildings that used the glass that he sold? Any well-known previous clients? What about you? What about glass fascinates you? You can tell your story and grab people’s attention. Then you can elaborate more on it when you meet them in person, which is another way to build a business/customer relationship.

Other Thoughts

There are a lot of different web page ideas out there that can help boost any business’ chances. But the question is —how far outside the box do you want to think? Yes, it’s very competitive out there, and it can be hard to catch some people’s eyes, but if you go too far, then you risk seeming unprofessional, which can cost you some opportunities, too. Truth be told, there is a bit of luck involved, too.

But if you look at all the above web page ideas, and you see something that suits your business, then you can go ahead with that. In fact, you can mix and match some of them and see what works best for you. See what other people in your niche are doing and then determine if what they are doing is along the same lines as your strengths. While you don’t want to be a copycat clone, it might be a good idea to stick to somewhat of a template.

In conclusion, hire good web designers. Do some research and see what companies are being recommended. Talk with them about what you want to do and see if they have any suggestions about how to best show what your business can do. They can take something that’s your vision and put it there on the web for all to see. Then, hopefully, you’ll reap the benefits of the web pages.

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